ILIFE A4 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The ILIFE Robotic vacuum cleaner is your little, smart, and easy to use home companion that just jogs around your rooms to clean it. This turtle-sized electronic mobile vacuum cleaner redefines the pleasure of cleaning your carpets and floor.

Having the suitable size of 13 inches, this could freely move around your rooms looking for tiny dust particles and soil fragments and cleanse them as it moves above.

Just as the name says this mini robot free you from the daunting process of cleaning your home or hiring a maid to do so.

ILIFE A4 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The fully automatic functionality and the true reliability of this product make this product an essential buy.

The new version of this robotic vacuum cleaner works on a 1000pa suction power, which is quite enough to draw general household dust-like soil, woodcarvings, papers, and even tiny bits of metals. A 3-step cleaning system is assured by the appliance which includes intense sweeping of dust from corner and wall edges by the different side brushes it has.

This mobile home appliance works with the help of certain sensors that is equipped already, which helps it to navigate throughout your floors without bumping onto objects. ILIFE robotic vacuum cleaner does it’s job effortlessly by even going down to hard to access points like under your beds, sofas etc. The automatic navigation functionality works fine, thus making the product even more reliable.

Weighing just under 5 pounds ILIFE A4 promises superior performance of vacuum cleaning and convincing battery life of 150 minutes, as the whole appliance is run on a fade-free premium quality rechargeable 2600mah battery. This home robot doesn’t even bother you about charging as it is done automatically by docking itself to a charge point, making it again more automated.

The A4 version of robotic vacuum cleaner from ILIFE Innovation is obviously a good pick from the very different alternatives we have right now. The company has succeeded in making this product exactly like its described. All the features were tested and found working as said. If you are expecting an automatic and hassle free cleaning experience, ILIFE A4 wouldn’t disappoint you.

But just like every other electronic device is, this one too has certain weak sides. You will have to carry this device if you want it to clean another floor as this round disk-like appliance can’t climb stairs. This could be one point where the device has to rely on you.

You will also have to empty the dust it eventually collects in it. But considering the automatic functionality it has, this actually sets you free from worrying about it. This product works almost on every floor types and easily finds a way through general household obstacles.

Automatic appliances had been the hype of smart consumers for a very long time. ILIFE A4 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is now considered as a good to have, affordable, futuristic and smart home appliance.

It received positive feedback and reviews on Amazon. This product is more preferred for the premium quality it comes with. A general trend of describing this product as properly prized is also seen in the reviews. In general, consumers from far and wide has given 4 plus stars for this product on an average.

Currently, this product is more preferably purchased from Amazon.

Amazon has promised lowest possible price and has assured warranty of 1 year from the manufacture. Right now, Amazon is the only online website that holds a direct association with the parent company of A4, which is ILIFE Innovation.

The product is better purchased from Amazon.

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